#13: Enfield Town – 27/06/2018

The summer of 2018 will be etched on my memory forever as the year to experience London’s rail travel in the heat of the sun, but thankfully Tfl’s modernisation plans sees new air conditioned trains slowly being introduced. Today I headed to north London on the branch line from Liverpool Street to Enfield, one of many destinations on the Overground network.

I chose to take an indirect route via Hackney Central changing to pick up at Hackney Downs, but miscalculated the train timetables so the journey took longer than expected, although it meant a cooling respite at Hackney Downs and realise how busy this station is. Anyway, finally onto Enfield Town, via some familiar stops such as White Hart Lane and Edmonton Green where I worked for a few years. Passing the new Spurs football ground nearing completion and due to open for the start of the 2018/19 season. An innovative stadium in that it has an extractable artificial surface for use for American Football with which it will share the stadium.

Anyway, enough of Spurs (ugh!), and onto Enfield…

My initial impression was that of an uninspiring town dominated by Enfield Council’s home at the Civic Centre, and it’s employees proudly adorning their security passes whilst walking around town (not very secure). But on reflection that would be unfair as I found Enfield has much to offer through it’s many well kept open spaces. Spaces which on a scorching summer’s day offered tranquil places to rest and play. The New River meanders through the town and provides a watery interest to passers by and local fowl.

The parks and gardens are well tended and the area by Gentlemans Row helped show off the surrounding buildings well, all in good condition and well cared for and in keeping with the area. And across the road to the expansive Town Park, children were being led in an orderly fashion following an outing on their way back to school whilst gardeners clipped the rose gardens and borders. Overhearing one conversation from an enquiring child asking ‘why do we have to go back to school?’; ‘because we do’ came the tired response…

The town is predominantly a single street served by a mix of independent hairdressers and barbers, and sadly an oxymoronic display of national chain betting shops almost adjacent to national and local charity shops. As with most London towns, there is a discrete open air shopping centre, but unsurprisingly populated with the expected chain and franchise shops making it a rather uninteresting experience to walk through.

Historically, I found some buildings of interest, namely 36 Silver Street: Enfield Vicarage, the Parish Office for St Andrew’s Church, Enfield Grammar School, where on one of it’s entrances it proudly displays it was founded in 1557, and the Kings Head pub, all of which are within spitting distances of each other.

Other memorable finds close to the station include: an interesting display of brickwork on a house in St Andrew’s Road; a mosaic on a wall in Genotin Road where the Queen’s Hall Cinema once stood serving as a reminder of its former glory; and a gold post box in recognition of Charlotte Dujardin, a locally born girl winning an Olympic Gold as part of the Equestrian Team in the 2012 London Olympics. Well done Charlotte!

…and finally, if you’re a lover of gin, you may have made your way to the Enfield Gin Festival, or by the time you’re reading this, you are recovering from it…bon viveur!


For more info, look up Enfield Town on Wikipedia

Picture of the Day

36 Silver Street is Enfield Vicarage, a Grade II listed building with some parts dating back to the 16th Century. Situated next to St Andrew’s Church, this two storey white rendered building is nicely lit in the sunshine.

I’m standing on the opposite side of the road trying to capture this scene through passing traffic as just down the road are traffic lights which control the flow along the street. I’m also trying to judge the passing pedestrians to create a sense of movement against the stark white walls. This lady with her shopping trolley, presumably on her way into town, obliged. I think this shot nicely sets the scene, helped by the fact the pedestrian is wearing a light top in contrast with the brick wall but also complementing the whitewashed walls.

Settings: Camera – Canon EOS 200D; Aperture – ƒ8; Shutter Speed – 1/160; Focal Length – 20mm; Film Speed – ISO250; Google Photo Filter – Auto

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