People I’ve met on my travels – week No.2

London Lockdown #03 still means no travelling. So sit back and enjoy another delve into the archives with a second look at some of the wonderful characters I’ve met during my travels with a little description to help with their stories.

But I admit I’m missing my travels…But staying safe of course. The Location and date in the picture title represents the end of the line station I visited and the month I did so.

If you like what you see, feel free to let others know:

#01/02: The Broadway Deli & Grocery – Woodford, January 2019

Another from my day in Woodford where Jan welcomed me into his newly opened Deli and Grocery. As I walked by, I felt compelled to walk in, and I’m glad I did as Jan shared with me his passion for artisan an local products. A delightful and characterful shop worthy of a visit. Follow the Deli on Twitter @BroadwayDeliWG and on Instagram @thebroadwaydeligrocery

#02/02: Reez Barbers – Uxbridge, August 2019

A study in black and white: As I roamed the streets of Uxbridge I came across Windsor Street and met Reez, Josh and their client Graeme. They were kind enough to let me take a few photos as I admired the precision with which Reez and Josh demonstratred their art. Follow them on Instagtam @reezbarberz

#03/02: Buskers – Romford, December 2019

One acordianist and one clarinetist enjoying the attention of having their picture taken. The side streets near the market are a haven for buskers and serious musicians alike, each hoping you’ll dip your hand in your pocket for a piece of silver. Days before the coronovirus hit but buskers have since adapted and now offer a ‘tap and tip’ option using your chip and pin card.

#04/02: Hubbard and his Guinness – Barking, July 2019

As I’m walking out of Barking Park, I’m beckoned by Hubbard to take his picture whilst he’s standing under the trees enjoying a can of Guinness and chatting on his mobile. Always happy to oblige a willing volunteer, I approach and it seems we end up having a three way conversation. I’ve no idea who is on the other end of the line, but I do note that Hubbard has probably enjoyed a number of drinks by the time I see him.

#05/02: Lunctime with Jengins – Liverpool Street, July 2019

An interesting day around the railway arches near Bethnal Green Overground station in Three Colts Lane and where I met Jengins. He’s just made his way out of the Arches Cafe Restaurant and he’s happy to share a moment and pleased with this picture I took of him

#06/02: Raef at the Fudge Patch – New Cross, August 2018

I’d walked from New Cross, through Deptford and into Greenwich and found myself in the historical market where I met Raef. He was offering free samples from the vegan range of home made fudge. The owner, Patch was a little reluctant to have his picture taken so Raef stepped up with his plate. Explore what’s on offer on Instagram @thefudgepatch and see what’s cooking on their website

#07/02: Share a Slice – Brixton, May 2018

In the heart of Pop Brixton, I met two inspirational gents, Raj and Sandeep. Having just opened their Pizza shop, they explained their motivation was to help the homeless by matching the number of pizzas they sell during the week by donating the same number to the homeless. Here they are busy weighing out the dough for the pizzas they were about to bake and deliver to their linked charities later in the day. See what their up to now on twitter @shareasliceLDN and Instagram @shareaslice

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