People Memories from my London travels – week No.3

London Lockdown #3 won’t stop me, so here’s another raid into the archives. Enjoy this collection of some of the wonderful characters I’ve met and seen whilst walking around the end of the line.

No. #01/03 Alison – Barking, July 2019

I met Alison on a return visit to Barking. She’s volunteering in a pop-up shop on the station concourse for Barking’s Business Enterprise Centre where they’re showcasing a local photographer – Jimme Lee. Alison was kind enough to let me photograph her and this montage is a great memory of that visit. I’ve since connected with Jimmy too, and you can see more of his work on Instagram @jimmy_lee_portraits and @jimmylphotography and

No. #02/03 ‘More than a Blackcurrant’ – Lewisham, May 2018

I didn’t get their names, but these three cheerful folk were more than happy to chat and have their picture taken as they handed out free samples in Lewisham Market. Thanks for the thirst quenching saviour on what was a very hot day.

No. #03/03 Summer Colours – Highbury & Islington, August 2018

After a day walking from Highbury & Islington station, and exploring the Regent’s Canal, I’m heading back to Angel station when I saw this woman oblivious to her surrounding chatting on her phone. Catching her stride inbetween the colourful bike stands needed some quick reaction, but I think I pulled it off.

No. #04/03 John & Catherine – Thames Barrier, November 2018

I’d walked along the Thames Path from the O2 to the Thames Barrier where I met John and Catherine. A couple from Cambridge who were spending time walking the full length of the Thames, today was the end of their third route. Although not completing the route in geographical order, they were nevertheless intent on completing the 184 miles from Gloucestrshire over a period of time. I wonder if they’ve now finished it?

No. #05/03 Miss Oopsie Ooohh – Crystal Palace, May 2019

Meeting Miss Oopsie Ooohh in the park was a thrill. A graphic designer by day, and a performing burlesque hoola hooper by night. She was practicing her routine with four hoops, one on each arm and leg quite proficiently I thought and preparing for a forthcoming show. She was unperturbed whilst performing for me; we chatted for a while but I left her to carry on with her routine after 15 minutes or so. Follow her on Instagram @oopsieooohh and twitter @MissOopsieOoohh

No. #06/03 Laura – Watford Junction, June 2019

Laura was manouvering some large floral displays in the centre of Watford using a power assisted fork-lift trolley. Having been delivered by Amethyst Horticulture a Kent based firm, and watered the night before, they needed to be re-positioned. When we met she was waiting for a colleague to help, but she seemed to manage admirably on her own. I was also invited to move one of the planters, but decided to leave it to the expert.

No. #07/03 Noel McRae: Grimsby Fish – Epping, July 2019

I met Noel McRae, a fresh fish reseller from Grimsby working from his van parked just off the High Street in a courtyard between the Sorting Office and the local butchers shop. Noel, originally a trawlerman, now travels across the country in his van selling freshly caught cod, haddock and some smoked trout. A long day for him as he explains his return home later in the afternoon will see him stop several times at pubs where he has a regular trade.

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