Book News #02

Do you like my book cover? This is the working cover and title. It’s already gone through several rounds of review within the Write that Book Masterclass, but who knows?

‘Memories from the end of the line – Transforming 79 pictures into 79 stories’

What do you reckon?

The back of the book will have the following snappy little catchline:

‘The end of the underground isn’t the end of the journey, but the start of a new one. Discover new things, meet new people and make new memories’

You’ll be able to register your interest soon.

So watch out and please keep following. And if you think others would be interested, please share, share and share the news with your family, friends and anyone else you think will be interested, and point them at my social media channels. See you soon…and thank you for continuing to follow me…


  1. Like it, great work.

    Thinking how it would look if you had the title/subtitle lined up with the tracks/platform?

    Not sure if that made any sense.

    Thinking the text could be parallel/same angle as the tracks, conveys that you/the text is actually travelling.


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