People Memories from my London travels – week No.5

London Lockdown #3 still won’t stop me, so here’s the fifth week of my dip into the archives. Enjoy this colourful penultimate collection of some of the wonderful characters I’ve met and seen whilst walking around the end of the line.

No. #01/05 Tyrice and pal – New Cross, August 2018

From New Cross to Deptford where the High Street was awash with colours, displayed through an array of wall art, and its residents. Whilst taking pictures of this wall, I’m approached by a couple of lads from a larger group who were keen to have their picture taken. Whilst Tyrice and his friend were full of bravado, the conversation quickly flowed revealing their funnier side which I’m glad I was able to capture – nice to meet you guys!

No. #02/05 Helen & Grace – West Croydon, September 2018

West Croydon station, functional and busy had been brightened up by volunteers that make up The Energy Garden project. Helen and Grace, two enthusiastic volunteers, have just finished watering the plants for the morning. As we chatted, their passion, enjoyment and commitment for what they were doing shone through as they explained their work and how else they would further improve the displays. It was lovely to meet ladies.

See what they’re up to on Facebook @WestCroydonEnergyGarden

No. #03/05 Hold the Handrail – Heathrow T4, December 2018

Heathrow is designed to move people about as quickly as possible and to help with passenger flow clear signage is essential. The airport does this well. This shot at the top of a flight of escalators emerging into the airport amused me as I felt the window poster of the policewoman was quite welcoming despite the staff member’s indifference on the other side.

No. #04/05 Noelia – Hammersmith, January 2019

This was a day I walked along the Yhemas Path along its north shore from Hammersmith Bridge to Fulham Palace. A brisk winter’s day walk with plenty to see. But my day started meeting up with a former work colleague at the Blue Boat pub along Fulham Reach. Overlooking the river, it’s in an ideal spot to people or boat watch as there’s a constant stream of both passing by.

Noelia and I worked for the Government Digital Service (GDS) together for several years before I retired and she moved on to join Tfl. It was a moment to catch up, reflect on the past and share expectations on the future. Happy memories

No. #05/05 Dario and Sammy – Battersea Park, July 2019

Whilst admiring the Barbara Hepworth sculpture entitled ‘Single Form’ in Battersea Park, the scene was enhanced by this loving couple enjoying a lakeside picnic. I introduced myself to Dario and Sammy, who were more than happy to be captured in this way, and I think their presence complements the scene beautifully.

Thanks again Dario and Sammy

No. #06/05 @itsTrueMendous – Romford, December 2019

South Street is a popular destination for musicians and buskers and on this day I was fortunate to have met Chyvonne. I had to stop and admire her wordsmithery and notice she goes by the name of @itsTrueMendous. I listen and gesticulate if it’s OK to take pictures and with a nod of agreement, I click away.

A talented musician with a very acute ear and a sharp mind as her rap takes in things in her immediate surrounds; including my distraction. She stops for a short while and she’s happy to chat, eager to understand where are the best spots for busking in the East End. I’m no expert but I offer some suggestions.

She’s recently featured in a couple of adverts over Christmas and is now being promoted through High Focus Records. Delighted that I had the opportunity to stop and say ‘hi!’ as I do every time I see her in Romford

No. #07/05 Grafting Gal – Battersea Power Station, February 2020

I captured this girl climbing up the flight of steps from Bradmead by the ‘Flanagans of Battersea’ pub along Battersea Park Road. I was focussing on the street furniture when I saw her making her way up. She has a toolkit in her left hand which is hidden by the bollard. I’m on the other side of the busy Battersea Park Road, and once I saw the concentration on her face, I positioned myself to frame her in between the two bollards.


  1. Great photos of very interesting people, all with a story to tell. I’ve always loved how photos can capture a moment in time and then it is there forever. These are amazing photos and highlight London in a vibrant and diverse way. Love them.


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