Book News #03 – The Pitch

Maybe one day my book will be here…

Have you ever wondered what’s involved in getting a book published? No, I hadn’t either until I subscribed to Michael Heppell’s ‘Write that book Masterclass’ when he introduced the value of the ‘Pitch’.

It is, amongst other things, a statement about the author with a synopsis about the book giving enough information about what the book is about succinctly. For a non-fiction book like mine, a photography/coffee table style book, it’s not essential to have finished the book before submitting the PItch to prospective publishers. That then allows the publisher to work with the author on the finished version.

I’ve now just finished my first draft, but I’ve already submitted my Pitch to several publishers. I’ll let you know how I get on but in the meantime, I thought I’d share my synopsis with you. Let me know what you think:-


‘Memories from the end of the line – transforming 79 pictures into 79 stories’

After two years of travelling across 3200 rail miles and 500 walking miles, the reader can share in my memories from around the streets of London that make up ‘the end of the line’. Memories that will delight, excite and entice them in what has been an exhilarating journey. A journey where my only companions were my camera, a new pair of walking shoes, my free Oyster card, and an enquiring mind.

‘Memories from the end of the line’ takes the reader on a journey. From Abbey Wood to Woolwich Arsenal around the streets that start at the end of every Transport for London (TfL) line. They’ll discover the things I find, the people I meet and learn about their surroundings.

The story unfolds with a brief description about the 79 stations at the end of the 11 Underground lines, the London Overground, the Docklands Light Railway, TfL Rail, London Trams and the Emirates Air Line. They’ll also explore and learn a little about some of London’s transport future at three ‘under construction’ stations.

‘Memories from the end of the line’ will take them to some places they know, some they won’t and some they may find as unexpected stops along the way. As they read on, it may lead them to declare ‘well I didn’t know that!’ and inspire them to visit for themselves creating their own memories.

Readers can enjoy this visual snapshot of a colourful London. From over 7,000 pictures, they’ll see one from each of the 79 destinations that make up ‘Memories from the end of the line’. Here they’ll discover the inner and outer reaches of our capital city, and share in the experiences that transform 79 pictures into 79 stories.

It may leave them wanting more?


So watch out and please keep following. And if you think others would be interested, please share, share and share the news with your family, friends and anyone else you think will be interested, and point them at my social media channels. See you soon…and thank you for continuing to follow me…

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