Week 6. ‘People Memories’ during Lockdown #03

No. #01/06 Stargy – High Barnet, January 2020

Heading to the station I stopped outside The Sound Garden music shop taking in the Fender guitar maker’s sign glowing in the shop window.

A little further as I was passing Papa John’s take away Pizza shop, I’m beckoned by Stargy, a budding musician who asked me to take his picture. I was happy to oblige.

No. #02/06 Joseph – Romford, December 2019

Joseph was sitting outside M&S happily singing and strumming his guitar. As I’d heard him earlier in the day, I decided to stop and chat.

He’s a friendly and amiable artist who enjoys busking and says he’s had many an invitation to support others through being listened to on the streets. As we chat, passers-by complain jovially that he’s not singing, but they are still happy to throw coins into his upturned hat.

If you’re in Romford and spot him, take a moment to listen to his melancholic and soulful sound. It was a pleasure to meet you joseph.

No. #03/06 Unknown Gent – Finchley Central, September 2019

Oblivious to his surroundings, this gent is plugged in and reading his mobile and it’s a wonder he didn’t bump into anything.

This is outside King Edward Hall, a prominent Grade II listed building built in 1911-12 as a private banqueting hall on the upper floors, shops on the ground floor, and used as a temporary hospital during WWI. Somewhat dilapidated although its restoration is being considered.

No. #04/06 Park Rangers – Barking, July 2019

Say ‘Hi!’ to Carol, a park ranger, with her team of volunteers.

She’s here every Tuesday trawling the lake for discarded rubbish that’s been thrown into the lake. I express my frustration that visitors behave in such a way, but also thank Carol and her team for their efforts to keep the park attractive for everyone to enjoy

No. #05/06 Ed – Ealing Broadway, October 2018

I met Ed at the southern end of Walpole Park.

He explained his passion for sketching trees and finding a synergy with life drawings as he captures how the tree growth symbolise life itself. The work he shows me is stunning and he clearly demonstrates his passion and eye for detail.

At one moment, the sun peered through the tree canopy creating a halo effect above him, which works well with the concentration on his face. Thi black and white image bring out the skin tones and detail to its best.

No. #06/06 Roy – Barking, October 2018

Roy is a local resident who was sitting in the Town Hall square enjoying a shady spot sheltering from the midday sun.

He told me that the wall behind him was a fake folly, built by the local college bricklaying apprentices using recycled bricks from the demolished Lamb pub and swimming pool. The Lamb motif now sits proudly on top of the folly.

No. #07/06 Lola – Barking, October 2018

This is Lola, a market trader selling African inspired headgear

It’s a small stall but Lola has a huge smile, a captivating laugh and a great personality. We chat and flirt a little and passers-by look on curiously as I take some shots. And as I do, I remind myself of some advice I was given as a child – to focus on the eyes.

Lola is a beautiful lady who brightened my visit to Barking. Thanks again Lola…

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