Book News #Week 4 – Would you like to help?

I’ve reached a significant milestone – I’ve finished the first draft of my book. It has 79 pictures, 79 stories, information about 16 train lines and 79 stations told through 55,106 words. Phew!

I’m blessed that through Michael Heppell‘s Write that Book Masterclass, I’ve now got 10 other authors helping me edit the book which I aim to have finished by February 19th. I’ve also sent my pitch to 9 publishers although 3 have already rejected with 1 considering my idea.

For the next week, it will be more work editing which involves reading through, correcting spelling and grammar and applying ‘Grammarly’ to make sure the sentence construction is at its best. I also need to make sure that all the edits are consistently applied, so much still to do.

Would you like to help? Would you like to read some chapters? If so then please direct/private message me or you can write to me at


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