Sporting Themed Memories from my London travels – week No.7

My thanks to those of you who voted to see my Sporting themed collection.

So here’s the first week’s collection for you. These are all moments I captured during my London end of he line travels between April 2018 and March 2020.

No. #01/07 Owzat – Kennington, October 2019

Kia Oval, the home of Surrey County Council isn’t far from Kennington so a visit was essential. The ground wasn’t open so I had to go around its outer walls instead.

The ground is much smaller and more intimate than I’d expected so I can understand how players must feel when there’s a full crowd cheering.

The old gas tank infrastructure in the background serves as a reminder of what was once London’s dependence on coal gas.

No. #02/07 Olympic Velodrome – Stratford, June 2019

This distinguishable structure was built specifically for all the indoor cycling events at the 2012 London Olympics.

Found at the top end of the Olympic Park, it’s known as The Pringle because of its shape. With a 250 metre indoor track and a curved wooden cladding exterior emulating the curves inside. With banks of 42°, you don’t realise ho steep they are until you stand next to them

The Velodrome now runs Experience Sessions where you can be coached in the use of a fixed wheel bike and the basic skills required to safely ride the velodrome track.

See what they’re up to on Facebook @WestCroydonEnergyGarden

No. #03/07 Anyone for Tennis – Wimbledon, February 2019

These are the unmistakable colours of the home of the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club – colloquially known as Wimbledon.

It’s mid-winter when I visit, so not much going on other than works on erecting the retractable roof on Court No 1. I also met Fred Perry whilst I visited. Well, his lifesize bronze statue that greets you as you enter through the main Church Road entrance.

No. #04/07 ‘We nailed it’ – Stratford, February 2019

Can you name all the Team GB medal winners at the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics?

Worry not, as they are permanently etched alongside platform 13 (Jubilee Line) at Stratford Underground.

No. #05/07 Riverside Stand – Hammersmith, January 2019

The Thames Path takes a detour around Craven Cottage, the home of Fulham Football Club which sits right on the river’s edge.

The stands are imposing and tower over the path, and as I make my way to the main entrance in Stevenage Road there’s a river of coloured cables in the gutter as media companies prepare to broadcast the evening’s match against Brighton & Hove Albion.

Ground access is controlled through narrow numbered turnstiles. These numbered 42-47 are for the home spectators which lead fans to the Hammersmith End and Riverside Stand

No. #06/07 Splash – Cheshunt, October 2018

Another facility built for the London 2012 Olympics, this shot is taken at the Lee Valley White Water Centre built beside the River Lee Navigation.

It is now open to the public where novices, experts and thrill seekers can enjoy team bonding sessions in an eight person raft. And also free for spectators to wander in and enjoy the spectacle – and that’s what I did.

During my visit, there were two rafts going around the courses, and several professional canoeists marshalling the rafts. This canoeist was just resurfacing from a severe drop which saw it almost submerge and giving me an ideal opportunity to capture the moment.

No. #07/07 Off to the races – Clapham Junction, June 2018

Memories from my London travels - Week No.7: Sporting Themed  photos

It’s Royal Ascot week and the station platforms are busy with top-hatted gentlemen and fashioned be-hatted ladies.

Everyone’s on their way to the races making sure they comply with Royal Ascot’s dress code. In an otherwise unusual scene, the occasion normalises everything no matter what the race-goers perceived status is – everyone is equal. Except of course some are more equal than others…

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