Book News #Week 6 – Would you like to read an advance copy?

I’ve been hiding the last few weeks in the depths of the ‘end of the line’ dungeons so I’ve not seen the light of day as I’ve played out a love/hate relationship with my book as I’ve been editing it.

But I reached another milestone this week and found the stairs that guided me out – editing done.

As I start the next phase to select a printer, as it looks like I’ll be publishing the book myself, would you like to preview it for me?

I’m looking for help to proofread my works. An extra pair of eyes to read it to make sure it’s sensible and reads ok. If you would like to help, drop me a private message, or write to me at

In the meantime, here are some figures to entertain you:

  • 24 days of unrelenting editing
  • 55,103 words reduced to 49,725 words
  • 79 pictures still in the frame
  • 7 times I’ve read through my work
  • 5 times I’ve used Grammarly to help me understand the English Language 
  • 9 wonderful friends and one beautiful wife who helped me with the editing.
  • Once I’ve read it out aloud

Time for a break? I think not…

To keep up to date with my book’s progress, and be first in the queue to get a copy, email me at

If you think family, friends or others you know would be interested, please tell them and get them to email me as well.

For other news about my travel journey’s, follow my social media channels. See you soon…and thank you for continuing to follow me…

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