Sporting Themed Memories #03 from my London travels – week No.9

Here’s my 3rd and final week’s collection of sporting themed memories. These are all moments I captured during my London travels between April 2018 and March 2020.

No. #01/07 Three-in-one – Watford, August 2019

This image is created by taking three consecutive shots stitched together to add vividness to the colour. I waited for someone to walk-by so as to create a sense of movement outside Watford FC.

Pay a visit to see the homagѐ to Graham Taylor outside the Hornets Shop and the Elton John stand on the ground’s south side, encased in matt black cladding, with splashes of colour here and there representing the team’s home colours of gold, black and red: a powerful effect.

No. #02/07 The ‘Angel’ of the Oval – Kennington, October 2019

Home of Surrey County Cricket, with its own version of the ‘Angel of the North’ as depicted here. Well, it’s my take on one of the floodlight towers that adorns this cricketing arena.

The Kia Oval wasn’t open for tours today, so instead I walked around its outer walls and gates and in true ‘visitor style’ peering through the railings and enjoying the empty ground’s magnificence.

No. #03/07 Table Football – Chesham, June 2019

The George and Dragon pub, a traditional Coaching Inn half way down the High Street is where I meet Jay, an enthusiastic young chef who’d recently taken over the catering at the pub.

An ‘olde worlde’ beamed two storied building with creaky floorboards where the upstairs has been transferred into a BBQ area and ‘play room’ styled with games to entertain all ages.

No. #04/07 Swearing SkatePark – Crystal Palace, May 2019

Crystal Palace Park is well maintained, although a little tired as evidenced by the dilapidated concert bowl, the aged sports centre, even the dinosaur park and the unused skateboard park.

Don’t get me wrong, the community is very proud of what it has and there’s quite a mix of people, aware of each other but similarly choosing to be unaware of each other. Nevertheless, the park is large enough to accommodate everyone.

No. #05/07 Empty Terraces – Stratford, June 2019

The infamous Hackney Marshes sports ground is home to 88 full sized football pitches and popular with Sunday league players. This is a view of one of the terraces overlooking the fields.

No. #06/07 Chariot Racing – New Cross, August 2018

This is a bit of a cheat but I couldn’t resist including this mural outside the Mez Mangal Turkish Cuisine in New Cross and no doubt popular with students from the nearby Goldsmiths University of London.

Deptford Town Hall is nearby, where in September 1916, hundreds of conscientious objectors were tried as ‘slackers and cowards’ and subsequently jailed.

No. #07/07 Inside the Velodrome – Stratford, June 2019

The Lee Valley Velopark is Tucked just inside the main A12 trunk road. It was built for the main cycling events at the 2012 London Olympics and now part of its sporting legacy.

The Velodrome runs Experience Sessions where you can be coached in the use of a fixed wheel bike and the basic skills required to safely ride the velodrome track. Those practising today were being guided by the professionals at a modest pace on the lower level.

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