Windows & Doors Themed Memories #02 from my London travels – week No.11

Welcome to this, the second archival collection of ‘Window & Door’ themed photographs from my London travels which I’ve shared across my social media channels over the last week. One more week and then on to something new – why not help me decide by voting here.

No. #08 Wool House – Aldgate, January 2020

Travelling around Aldgate I discover this  sympathetically restored Grade II listed building in Back Church Lane. It’s a short hop from Fenchurch Street, and there’s no guesses for working out its Victorian origins

Walking around the building I count 12 hoisting stations, an indication of how busy it would have been at the height of the wool trade in London. But here’s an interesting fact – the second series of the BBC television series, Dragon’s Den was filmed here.

No. #09 Secret Baker – Aldgate, January 2020

Go down Wapping Lane into Choppins Court by P&J Bakers and enjoy their delightful window display of home baked breads and cakes. Pop around the side and back to work out what the black metal doors are for.

At a guess, they may have been old oven doors for the bakery but when I asked inside, no one was able to give me an explanation of their history. Maybe if you do, post it here…I wonder of Graham Norton still lives here, maybe he could tell us

No. #10 New through Old – Aldgate, January 2020

This is the renowned Royal London Hospital on Whitechapel Road opposite the underground station. It’s now a modern hospital standing just behind the facade of the original, demolished, brick building.

The old building’s facade is still erect, and I think this view of the new hospital seen through the old is quite striking. I wonder if Damon Albarn was born in the old building? 

No. #11 Gritty Cladding – Uxbridge, August 2019

Tucked between Grainge’s Yard and Windsor Street is All Time Cars who operate from this wooden clad building. I’m intrigued by its character which stands out so well with its graininess accentuated in B&W.

I wonder if Boris Johnson has ever called on their services before his PM days?

No. #12 White in Black – Shenfield, April 2019

No words, I’ll just let the picture speak

No. #13 Paddington Basin – Paddington, April 2019

Walking along here at night is quite a spectacle as the lighting from the low and high rise buildings ripple beautifully on the water. The rising moon is an added bonus.

No. #14 Fairy Door? – Harrow & Wealdstone, November 2018

I captured this amusing image amid the tree lined Grove Open Space that’s popular with dog walkers. It’s opposite the Lowlands Rec where students from Harrow College hang out at the open-air theatre.

The footpath through the trees leads to St Mary’s Church where you can stand in the spot where Lord Byron spent many an hour gazing across the countryside as he attended Harrow School for four years up to 1805, which is but a stone’s throw away.

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