Night Time Themed Memories #02 from my London travels – Lockdown week No.15

As Covid lockdown restrictions begin to ease, it’s good to see some life returning to London’s streets. But it’s still slow progress as shops and eateries are open for outside catering, the number of visitors is still small, so support your local businesses whenever you can.

This is my second, and penultimate week of night time photos. In fact it’s my penultimate blog reminiscing through my archive collections as I have resumed my travels around London. So the good news is there will be new images to enjoy soon.

But for now, join me below as I rediscover the Barbican, Camden, Liverpool Street, Romford, St Pancras and Spitalfields in days when there were people about.

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No. #08 Respect or Expect – Camden Town, December 2019

This wall art advert on the side of a building in Jamestown Road in Camden Town just jumps out at you. Clearly an unashamed advert, but nevertheless, very striking. Well Done Dr Martens.

Camden is the home of Dr Martens. The shoes were born out of the second world war by its creator searching for comfortable shoes to help him recover after a skiing accident. They are now very much a fashion statement and worn by the rich and famous

No. #09 Christmas Fair – Romford Market, December 2019

It’s the week before Christmas and there’s a free mini funfair with a ferris wheel, spinning teapots, haunted house, swing chairs and smaller rides for the younger folk at the top end of the market.

So not wanting to miss an opportunity, I spent some time capturing long exposure shots to show off the fair’s colourful display at its best. I’m sure many people have done the same, but it’s always rewarding when the photos come out as you plan.

No. #10 St Pancras Hotel – December 2019

This recently refurbished Renaissance Hotel is a gothic masterpiece and stands in front of the international station that’s home to the shuttle service to the continent. 

This moment captures two admirers looking up at the building. Maybe they’re looking for somewhere to stay, or more likely taking in the building’s magnificence, attractively lit that adds character to an already characterful setting

No. #11  The Quadrant – Romford, December 2019

Very much an art deco market arcade of its day. Built in the mid 1930s at a time when Romford’s popularity as the shopping destination of East London was at its height.

This night time setting, with the entrance’s design highlighted with neon blue lighting, casts a lonely, and somewhat eerie figure on the quiet South Street after the shops have closed.

No. #12  Inside the Barbican –  December 2019

Love it or hate it; this brutalist Grade II listed complex rose out of the bombed ruins of World War II. It’s an upmarket collection of 2,000 concrete properties built in square zones around a lake and green spaces.

This gritty black and white image captures the starkness of the setting, slightly softened by the lighting, grasses and seating, but to be honest, that adds to the photo’s beauty. I did wait for a pedestrian to walk through the scene in order to provide an additional focal point.

No. #13 Exchange Square – Liverpool Street, March 2019

It was a balmy evening and Exchange Square, overlooking Liverpool Street station, was surprisingly busy with nearby office workers winding down and enjoying a social drink or two before their homeward bound journey. 

Neither of which could happen today as social distancing requirements allow for no more than 6 in a group, and more pertinent, Exchange Square is currently a building site as it gets remodelled into a new destination location – Exchange Park

No. #14 Spitalfields Market –  December 2019March 2019

Who doesn’t like to mooch around London’s finest markets? Spitalfields is a hive of activity with a variety of traders depending on the day of the week. But no matter your tastes, it’s well worth visiting.

I captured this scene as the market was shutting down for the evening. Restaurants closed and tables and chairs cleaned and prepared for the next day’s visitors. Thankfully, the market has now reopened following the lockdown easements earlier this month, so why not pop down?

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