Book News #Week 12: Update: Pre-Order from the 15th May

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Title Page

It’s been another busy week at The End Of The Line station, as I’ve now signed off the design and sent my book off to the printers to get a proof copy. Expect a sneak preview in a couple of weeks.

I can now answer the most asked question – ‘When can I order my copy?’…I’ll be launching my book through on the 15th May 2021. If you’re looking to pre-order, please help me achieve my goal to raise £1800 to cover the printing costs and subscribe early.

Next week, I’ll be blogging about the design process and how I worked closely with Jenn Garside, my designer. As a taster, here’s the title and contents pages..and finally, I’ve added a sneaky surprise in my book…but I’m not telling you what it is, just yet…

Contents Page

If you’d like to get in touch, please email me at, and for other news about my travel journey’s, follow my social media channels. See you soon…and thank you for continuing to follow me.


  1. Amazing Richard! You have achieved so much, and your final designs for your book are outstanding. I’ll be first inline on the 15th May!


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