Introducing my Book’s Testimonials

Do you like books?

Have you read many books?

If you do, how many have you enjoyed?

And of those, how many times did you leave a review? Or leave a rating? Or even recommend it to a friend?

As an author, it’s all very well writing a book. Some would say it’s reward enough making the sale. I would agree, but there’s a greater reward in getting feedback from those who have read your book.

So my personal challenge for 2022 is to review every book I read, look at, and listen to.

I’ve now sold over 150 copies of my book with 13 reviews to date. I think that’s a reasonable review rate of over 8%, especially when eight of those reviews come from other international selling authors and even a Times No 1 best selling author too. Some comments have been sent to me directly, and others have been posted on my Goodreads page.

So I thought I would bring them all together by creating a Testimonial page. Why don’t you head over there to see what others have said?

If you have bought a copy of my book and thought about leaving a review, why don’t you do it now?

Interested in buying a copy of my book, you can pop along to my bookshop.

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