Memories from The End Of The Line – free book giveaway – And the Winner is…

‘Wee Georgie with her red cheeks, pink cardigan and one cornflake escapee. Thirty-three years of yearning for a child, here she is the first glimpse of our baby to be. A child at 50? What was I thinking? I was thinking this is the end of the infertility journey for me. Thank God.’

CONGRATULATIONS to Fiona Myles for her winning entry for a free copy of my book ‘Memories from The End of The Line’.

Fiona is herself an author with two books on the shelf about her life and struggles growing up knowing she is an adopted child and feeling she doesn’t fit in. Go check out her website for more information about Fiona and her books.

Why did this entry win?

In the view of the judging panel, they felt ‘The entry has it all; a personal end of the line, the photo warmed our hearts, and it’s a story about overcoming the odds’

My sincere thanks to the judging panel:

Ildiko SpinFisher: life coach and author of ‘Energy Aware – Live a life of no mistakes’, and

Matthew Bird: debut novelist of ‘Jackfruit Treasure Trap’, an historical adventure fiction novel

Would you like to win a copy of my book?

Invitations to take part in my second competition will be announced across my social media channels on Friday the 18th February 2022 and it will run for a week.

To enter, simply send me your ‘end of the line’ photo and explain in no more than 100 words the story behind it. Entries must be emailed to me at

I’ll also promote your winning entry across my social media channels and add you to my mailing list. And if you live in London within the M25, I’d be happy to personally deliver your copy to you.

Are you interested? Then start thinking about your photos now…

The second competition will be judged by a different panel of international selling authors. They are:

Sarah McGeough: book writing coach and author of ‘Eddy Finds a Family’ and ‘Eddy Feels at Home’, and

Nichola Kingsbury: artist, teacher and author of ‘Compass and Carrot’ and ‘The Bees and the Magic Tree’

My book sale continues through to the middle of March. So head over to my bookshop now and snap up the few remaining copies

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