2023 Calendar – Limited Edition

Update 05/12/2022 – The first run of 10 calendars went within two days, so by popular demand, I have printed a further 10 copies. Head to my bookshop to order your copy now

Who uses a calendar anymore when you have all the information at your fingertips on a mobile device?

Well, it’s surprising how many people still do, to record those important events throughout the year – Birthdays, Anniversaries, holidays and so on. It’s a handy way of enabling everyone in the house to see ‘at a glance’ the important events throughout the year.

We all have our favourite calendar themes. Some chuckle at the monthly jokes and cartoons, while others enjoy images of cats or dogs. So what’s your favourite theme?

Do you fancy a change? For a bit of fun, I’ve created a limited edition of 10 calendars, with some that will feature in my second book – A Return to The End Of The Line.

These A4 size calendars are only £7.49 each. Postage and Packing are included.

Do you want a copy? Then head to my bookshop and order your copy, maybe as a Christmas present. But once they are gone, they are gone.

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