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Happy Saint David’s Day

New for 2023 – The photo store is now open here

Since starting my endoftheline travels, I’ve often been asked if I sell my photos as framed prints. I’ve mulled it over for some time but avoided being distracted as I concentrated on publishing my book: Memories from The End of The Line.

As I plan my second book’s publication, I’ve explored several options and providers that deliver a complete service that takes care of the printing, framing and delivery. Why so? Well, to be honest, it saves me doing it all. Many have fallen by the wayside as they are too clumsy, too expensive or not to my liking.

Until, that is, NOW.

I’ve subscribed to Picfair, an online image marketplace, and I’m starting small with two limited album collections:

  • The End Of The Line Album contains a selection of 12 photos from my first book, and
  • The Botanicals Album contains 12 photos from my wider photographic journey.

There are several options to suit most needs. For those wishing to re-use my photos, there’s a one-off licence fee allowing you to re-use my image once.

For those who want the photos for personal use, there are three options: a Giclee Art Print, a Canvas Wrap Print and a mounted and framed print. All the print options include packaging and delivery.

I would love you to take a look and tell me what you think. And if there’s a photo of mine you have seen over the years and would like a copy, just get in touch, and I’ll add it to my collection. Maybe my third album will be inspired by you.

And finally, as part of preparing for my second book later this year, I’ll create a fourth album of some of my chosen photos that will make it into the book. So an early opportunity for you to see some more of my photos.

You can find my Photo Store here or through my Shop.

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