#154: Swanley 10/01/2023

Join me on a trip to the northwest corner of Kent, the Garden of England. It’s only half an hour away on a non-stopping Southeastern service from London Bridge. I saw countless Minis and a tattoo artist at work.

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#151: Knockholt 24/11/2022

Travel to the edge of Kent, courtesy of Southeastern Railways, and find out how an idyllic corner of England safeguards its green belt status.

Learn how the boundary between the London Borough of Bromley and Kent County Council shapes a community.

And learn what happened to a countryside golf course that closed its greens in 2017.

Interested? Intrigued? Then join me and read on by clicking the link below.

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#144: Blackfriars 12/07/2022

#144 – Blackfriars 12/07/2022.Fancy a trip to Blackfriars and learn a little about the station and the Dominican Friars that gave the are its name. Then read on…

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#141: Grove Park 14/06/2022

Join me on a trip to where Edith Nesbit was inspired to write The Railway Children in Grove Park. My travels on 14/06/2022 were courtesy of Southeastern railways

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#134: St Pancras 15/02/2022

It’s time to visit the iconic St Pancras station. Home to East Midlands Railway, Thameslink, HS1 & Eurostar

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#132: Dartford 25/01/2022

Dartford 25/01/2022 courtesy of Southeastern and Thameslink

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