Andy Hughes

Once again, Richard Thomas, many thanks. It was a great pleasure to receive your book in the post this week – my prize in your photo competition. I returned to the site of my winning pic for this selfIe – this time in the afternoon sun.

Yours is the epitome of a great coffee table book – ideal for dipping into, with stunning photos, creative design and engaging stories on every page.

It’s not surprising you have spent several years gathering your material for this book – the quality is excellent but, if it were only a set of photographs, it wouldn’t be a quarter of the masterpiece it has become. It is the combination of each stand-out photo, its back-story and associated description/anecdote about the station environment represented, and the outstanding book design by Jenn Garside, that make this book unique.

Throw in a quiz, with questions scattered through the book, and technical details on each photo to satisfy those inspired to follow in Richard’s footsteps, and this book becomes a most tasty selection box indeed.

Take a peak at Richard’s blog for lots more detail on his adventures along the railway lines around London: