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Something new for 2021

Would you be interested in writing as a guest, share your story or maybe you’d like me to visit your community and spend a day exploring (post Covid19 of course)? If so, drop me a line and I’d be happy to talk this through with you and feature your stories.

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My story so far

Welcome to my collection of pictures and stories from my travels around London. My travels began in April 2018 by visiting the end of every Transport for London (TfL) destination. This included the Underground, Overground, DLR, Tramway, TfL Rail and the Emirates Airline. 79 destinations all told which included a visit to three stations still under construction. All in all, I travelled almost 6,000 kilometres.

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My travels continue to the end of every Network Rail destination within the London travel zones and you can view my progress here. Although this is temprarily suspended because of the Coronovirus pandemic restrictions, I will in the meantime be adding to my Lockdown collection.

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Into Lockdown 2020

The sights I’ve captured during lockdown as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic


81 visits in 2 years. This is my story of how to ‘Transform a Picture into a Story’. Read about my selection of 81 Pictures of the Day and why these are my Memories.

From Memories to Themes

How I have categorised two years of photographs up to March 2020 into 34 Themed collection

My latest photo gallery – from Moorgate on 13/10/2020

Please feel free to scroll through the gallery and if there’s one you like, let me know which one and why and I’ll feature it for you.

An occasional blog – Wales 2020

I return home to Aberystwyth via Abergavenny in September 2020. Join me as I revisit some familiar places, and discover some new ones.