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Welcome to my collection of pictures and stories from my travels around London. My travels began in April 2018 by visiting the end of every Transport for London (TfL) destination. This included the Underground, Overground, DLR, Tramway, TfL Rail and the Emirates Airline. 79 destinations all told which included a visit to three stations still under construction. All in all, I travelled almost 6,000 kilometres.

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My travels continue to the end of every Network Rail destination within the London travel zones and you can view my progress here. My second book will be available in 2023. If you want the latest news on how my book is progressing, then why not subscribe to my newsletter here.

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#153: Hadley Wood 06/12/2022

Travel north with me, to London’s poshest suburb courtesy of the Great Northern Railway. Enjoy England’s green and pleasant land, and learn how accessibility has been achieved in a unique way. Do you want to learn more, then read my latest blog

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#152: New Barnet 29/11/2022

Let’s travel north to New Barnet with Thameslink Rail Services and discover a little Plantagenet history. Or maybe explore some of the rivers of London. So hop aboard, read on and find out what I saw.

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Some Lockdown Memories

Some of my photo collections taken during lockdown

Some more Lockdown Memories

Some of my photo collections taken during lockdown