Welcome to ‘theendoftheline’

Two years on

A new begining for ‘the end of the line’

I set off on the 18th April 2018 with some nervousness, trepidation and a great deal of excitement on an exploration. An exploration in which I did not know what I’d find, who I’d meet or what I would learn.

And what an amazing two years it has been! And now I have reached the end of ‘theendoftheline’, what next? Before answering that question, here’s what I’ve achieved:

  1. I’ve visited 76 ends of the line stations; 3 bonus ‘under construction’ stations; and attended two special events
  2. I’ve travelled across all sixteen Tfl transport modes embracing the underground (11); overground; tramline; Emirates airline; TflRail and the Docklands Light Railway
  3. I’ve travelled the ‘A to Z’ from Abbey Wood to Woolwich Arsenal
  4. I’ve walked over 700 Kilometres; an average of 9 kilometres per station visit 
  5. I’ve taken almost 7,000 pictures and made over 4,00 of them available through my weekly blog. I’ve also shared a selection through my Instagram account
  6. I’ve created 62 videos and shared them through my YouTube channel
  7. I’ve written 81 regular blogs and published through Twitter and Facebook
  8. I’ve occasionally published on Triptipedia

What have I learnt?

My original intention was to bring together three aspects of my work/life experiences over the last 40 years: commuting, photography and digital exposure. And I like to think I have achieved this.

Secondly, as I was new to blogging, I wanted to develop my digital skills. I’ve since delved a little deeper into: WordPress, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos and Bit.ly, and played with several other photo editing tools.

I was also looking to invite feedback, but this has not been the success I had wished for, so still some work to do here.

What next?

The ‘endoftheline’ will continue, but for now, under the social distancing restrictions, the following plans are on hold.

So in the meantime, Please: STAY AT HOME; PROTECT THE NHS; SAVE LIVES

Immediate Plans

First and foremost, I’ve changed the blog theme and layout to present a smarter look and feel. I may well try different ones out, so if you’re a regular visitor, be prepared to see the layout change; and if there’s one you particularly like, let me know.

I’ll also be blogging in more detail about the things I’ve learnt and how I’ve intentionally kept my costs down, and the limitations this apporach has brought.

I’ll also be thanking everyone who’s inspired me along the way. This will be an unashamed plug to fellow travel writers and photographers, and a ‘shout out’ to some amazing people I’ve met.

I’m also reviewing all my pictures and will look to present them by theme. This is very much work in progress but may comprise of: People; Movement; Animals; Stations; Street Art; Sculptures and Buildings.

And finally, I’m planning to publish a book entitled ‘Memories’ which will be a collection of all my ‘Picture of the Day’. And to launch this endeavour, I’ll be posting one ‘Picture of the Day’ every day from the 18th April 2020 by way of celebrating what I’ve achieved so far.

Future Plans

There are of course Tfl extensions always being considered, so I’ll be keeping an eye open for those. Here are a few I know about, but let me know if you’re aware of others:

  1. Tramlink extension to Sutton
  2. DLR extension to Thamesmead
  3. Bakerloo extension to Lewisham and beyond

And of course, let’s not forget the River Boat Service

Once the travel restrictions have been lifted, I’ll be embarking on a new end of the line plan.

I’ll be visiting Network Rail ‘ends of the line’ within the Tfl travel zones; and travelling on other Network Rail lines as far as I can within the Tfl travel zones. There are 63 stations in total to visit.

This was my ‘end of the line’ when I retrired in March 2018