Night Time Themed Memories #01 from my London travels – Lockdown week No.14

With over 2/3rds of the vote, my latest themed collection beat off its competitors to be with you for the next three weeks. After which, I’m hoping to return to my travels so that I can bring you new stories.

For now, I hope you’ll enjoy these Night Time shots which were taken predominantly over four wintry nights between April 2018 and April 2020.

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No. #01 Modern Banking – Canary Wharf January 2020

This is a well-recognised view of today’s modern Canary Wharf; instantly recognisable. When I took this photo, the offices would have been full to bursting, but I wonder if that’s the case in April 2021?

Did you know that as part of London’s Docklands, the area was originally known as Stepney Marshes? It also has the name Isle of Dogs, derived, it’s believed because there were royal kennels in the area.

No. #02 Colourful Cascade – Royal Victoria Docks, January 2020

The low lit footpath on the southern end of the docks cast colourful shapes on the water’s surface transforming an otherwise drab vista into an almost Mediterranean one – oh if it were only warmer.

Built in the mid 19th Century, the docks were an instant commercial success and despite being badly damaged in the Second World War, they remained a viable hub until the 1960s. But containerisation in Tilbury saw the Docks close to commercial shipping in the 1980s.

No. #03 St Lukes – Old Street , December 2019

This former Anglican Church was deconsecrated after it closed its doors to parishioners in 1959 and reopened as a Grade II listed building in 2003 as the London Symphony Orchestra’s education centre home.

When I captured this image, the floodlit walls complemented the eerie sound of music that permeated through the backlit windows as if in some way exorcising the area’s criminal past. Known for its ‘rookery’ and ‘flash-houses’, I have no doubt there are tales to be told.

No. #04 Airstrip – London City Airport, January 2020

This is a long shot taken from a mile away, so there is some quality degradation. But it shows off the airport and its surroundings nicely with a flight just landing and a blurred red bus in the foreground.

The shot has been taken from the Royal Victoria Docks footbridge looking east with Connaught Bridge in the foreground and the University of East London on the left, and Thamesmead on the south bank of the Thames on the right.

No. #05 Coffee on the Canal – Paddington Station, April 2019

Darcie & May is a floating restaurant on the Grand Union Canal. Part of the Daisy Green group who have, since taking this shot, opened the Bondi Green restaurant on the opposite side of the canal.

This is one of many shots I took to capture the mood of the revellers on board. But it was a bitterly cold night and only a few smokers braved the open top for a moment or two to ‘take in the air’. I hope the current easements sees patrons returning to enjoy the open top again?

No. #06 33 by Studio Weave – Greenwich Peninsula, November 2018

This was an art installation modelled into a viewing gallery open to the public to wander in, around and through. The floodlit setting made a stark impression set against a pitch plack sky.

Created by Studio Weave, in collaboration with HATO and illustrator Jay Cover, 33 modelled on an artist’s folly, explores the discourse of home. 33 references a mix of historical architectural styles in an abstract way: Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian.

No. #07 The Moon & Mars – Greenwich Peninsula, January 2020

It was a bitterly cold night with a beautiful clear sky and the motorised regularity of the empty gondolas flying above gave off a droning hummmmmmm oblivious to their celestial neighbours.

There’s some blurring with this shot as I was hand-holding my camera, propped against a street bollard. But the effect shows off the gndp;a’s movement and their internal lights glow a magnificent red on their overhead cables. There’s something magical about this time of day.

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