Night Time Themed Memories #03 from my travels – Lockdown week No.16

My final lockdown blog is here. Thanks for staying with me as I’ve dipped into the archives, and I hope you have enjoyed what you’ve seen? My endoftheline travels have already resumed so from next week, I’ll start bringing you new stories and of course new pictures.

The past 16 weeks has been an interesting challenge. Not only bringing you some previously unseen archive material, but also working on my book, which I’ve now finished. Subscribe to my regular newsletter here so that you can keep up to date on how to get your copy from the 1st July.

And in case you missed it, go here to see how my book will look

No. #15 Pier Reflections – Aberystwyth, September 2020

Aberystwyth Pier had installed some new light trees which on a calmish Summer’s evening, cast these glows across the bay.

Remember those days when you could travel and holiday? Well let’s hope that as they return, this time they stay so that everyone can have the opportunity of exploring this country of ours. 

No. #16 Basin Reflections – Paddington, April 2019

Another from Paddington Basin which just wanted to give some amazing shots. This is taken from the foot bridge looking east towards the end of The Basin.

The barges all moored up for the night, and offices awash with wasted electricity. Whilst the lights do cast an attractive reflection across the still water, building managers really do need to think differently about the impact they have on our planet.

No. #17 Chapel Ruins – Brentwood December 2020

The ruins of St Thomas church are found just off the High Street. It was built around 1221 dedicated to pilgrims en route from East Anglia to the shrine of Thomas Becket at Canterbury.  

No. #18 The Fan Bridge – Merchant Square, Paddington, April 2019

This three metre wide cantilevered moving structure spans 20 metres across the head of the Basin, rising by means of hydraulic jacks – an action similar to that of a traditional Japanese hand fan.

The deck of the Fan Bridge is made of five beams, with each opening in sequence, with the first rising to an angle of 80 degrees; the four rising to lower levels. Of course, at night time it simply gleams and reflects magnificently.

No. #19 Wintry Night Lights –  Hornchurch, November 2020

A winter’s night during lockdown 2 on the edge of High Street opposite Prezzo’s. Empty streets and empty roads, and although Christmas decorations adorn the street lamps, there’s no one to enjoy them.

The scene of lights and uprights caught my attention, and offset with a stark black and white filter, the picture captured the emptiness of what is usually a bustling spot. Will the good days return?

No. #20 Movement – Paddington Station, April 2019

Here’s a treat – 6 in 1. I’ve created a few animated images over the years, and this one works well showing the black cab’s movement as they emerge from the overhead ramp onto the taxi rank outside the station.

The trailing light effect and the static taxis in the foreground help to portray life for the black cab driver at night time. And if you look up at the nearby office block, you might think it’s party central on the 5th floor as the floor lights switch on and off. 

No. #21 St Laurence Church – Upminster, November 2020

This resplendent parish church, set in its own grounds, quietly dominates the town. Dating from 653 AD, the earliest traceable part of the current church is the bell tower housing which dates back to 1200 AD

This shot is the outcome of much patience but it was worth the wait, despite the curious look from a couple of dog walkers who passed by at the time. Thankfully, I was suitably wrapped up on what was a bitter winter’s night.

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