Book News #Week 5 – Is my book for you?

London is an eclectic, diverse and vibrant city that screams out its beauty all around. Often it’s not realised, appreciated or applauded as people move around singularly focussed on where they want to get to.

Is my book for you?

  • Are you a casual or seasoned London commuter who wants to rekindle a love for your home?
  • Does your journey start or end at any of the 79 ‘end of the line’ stations?
  • Do you pass through your station without a second thought to your surroundings?
  • Have you forgotten the joy of commuting during the pandemic travelling restrictions?
  • Do you enjoy London based travel stories?
  • Do you like to dip into London life?
  • Are you a curious traveller who loves to roam and rummage for the unusual or out of the ordinary?
  • Do you like to browse through photography books?
  • Or do you like to learn a little about London’s travel network and their destinations?

If so, my book is for you.

To keep up to date with my book’s progress, and be first in the queue to get a copy, email me at, or subscribe to my blog.

If you think family, friends or others you know would be interested, please tell them and get them to email me or subscribe as well.

For other news about my travel journey’s, follow my social media channels. See you soon…and thank you for continuing to follow me…

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