Book News #Week 9 – A brief extract from my book

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Things are hotting up on the book front as I’ve now agreed with TfL which photos I can use with an appropriate licence to publish. I’ve also agreed to swap out 4 photos too, so there’s a minor re-write over the next few days

Once this is all done, Jenn Garside, my designer will bring the book together, and then hey presto, I’ll be ready to print and you’ll be able to buy it. I’ll update you soon on how you can do this and its likely costs.

In the meantime, I’m starting to record some extracts from my book. Here’s a link to the first one which I’ve posted on my YouTube channel. But in future, I’ll be live streaming on my theendoftheline Facebook page where you can join me live, or view at a later date.

If you’d like to get in touch, I have a new email address. Get in touch with me at

For other news about my travel journey’s, follow my social media channels. See you soon…and thank you for continuing to follow me.


An amusing shot as it took me a while to realise the florist had ‘painted’ on the black eyes to give the illusion that these are ‘happy smiley’ faces on trays of succulent, mat-forming alpines. Nevertheless, the illusion works as it draws in several shoppers to buy them. The trader was happy for me to wander around and capture his pop-up stall, which seems to be part of the town’s frequent market in Sainsbury’s car park.


As I step out of the station, my immediate impression of Edgware is that of an unloved and unkempt sprawling parade of shops overtaken with car washes that have camped out where grandiose properties once stood. Tyre stations and backstreet motor mechanics blend in with more than their fair share of abandoned and boarded up shops. Despite this, there’s an eclectic mix of international eateries ranging from Portuguese, Polish, Lebanese, Romanian and Jewish within five minutes of each other. There are, of course, the usual array of high starch/low-quality takeaways too.

I get a strong feeling that this once much-loved community has lost a sense of pride in its surroundings. Not helped by its shabby signs making the area look uninviting. Even the Parish Church of St Margaret of Antioch’s partially manicured grounds adds to the general untidiness. The grass desperately needs cutting and weeding, although the wild flowers do provide a colourful display.

There’s a surprising and unexpected discovery by the former Sunday School of a memorial plaque to two children who died at ‘Pant Glas’ junior school in Aberfan on the 21st October 1966, a disaster I remember well. It was probably the first news story I saw, at the age of 10, having extensive TV and media coverage, an event that has since left its mark on many. A tribute placed, I suspect, by a resident connected to the disaster.

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