Windows & Doors Themed Memories #03 from my London travels – Lockdown week No.13

I hope you’ve enjoyed this third and final review of my themed Windows & Doors collection. There will be one more archival themed collection for your enjoyment after which I hope to return to my travels around London, so a chance for some new photos.

No. #15 The Alligators Mouth – Richmond, June 2018

Meander into Church Court and be impressed by this local bookshop’s window display. Like many during lockdown, I have turned to reading more especially since being on my book writing journey.

It doesn’t matter what type of book you read, just wallow in the words and experience new worlds. Support your local bookshops. I wonder if Fearne Cotton, a local resident has ever been in?

No. #16 Made in Brasil – Camden, December 2019

This is a very colourful night time photo of the popular Brasilian and Latino restaurant in Inverness Street. Like most restaurants during lockdown, they continue to share their cuisine via home delivery.

I hope the crowds return soon as lockdown begins to ease?

No. #17 Peabody Estate – Roscoe Street, December 2019

This night time scene caught my eye. The lightning, the mood and symmetry all had a pleasing photographic quality. Taken in black and white, it brings some beauty to this 1950s built building.

It’s an area that suffered heavily during the bombing in the Second World War and was rebuilt providing social housing to the masses. The nearby Golden Lane Estate is a classic example of how London responded to its immediate needs providing social and economic stability.

No. #18 Rusty Gate – Kennington, October 2019

This entrance to one of the green spaces within the Kennings Estate complex caught my eye. I’m not sure why, maybe it was the colour contrast or its square simplicity, but regardless, it was quite pleasing.

I was also keen to make sure the pigeons were caught in the square meshing. Slightly out of focus, but nevertheless, their shape is unmistakable

No. #19 Cotton’s Garden – Shoreditch, August 2019

This alley is on the left as you go under the railway bridge down the A10 as you approach Shoreditch. Once filled with warehouses the area is now converted into fashionable offices and apartments.

As I admire the architecture, the sun shines through one of the buildings and I capture this image of the intricate glassware, frame and reflection along with the sun through the building and the ghostly vision of this photographer appears too.

Here’s an interesting fact – apparently this is the only street with this name in the UK.

No. #20 Two Candles – Richmond, February 2019

Walking along here at night is quite a spectacle as the lighting from the

At the top of Richmond Hill, there are several historic buildings that have now been converted into fashionable residences. But their common denominator is their link to the Royal Star and Garter charity.

The plaque on Ancaster Gate explains its history. Opposite is Wick House, the residence of Sir Joshua Reynolds, and the Star and Garter House.

No. #21 Oyster Pier – Clapham Junction, June 2018

This is a gated entrance to a very high-end riverside barge marina. It’s on the south bank of the Thames in the Battersea Village area known as Cotton Row.

Its name suggests an area steeped in history with features such as Plantation Wharf, Clove Hitch Quay and Candlemakers, but alas I can’t find any details. I suspect developers have latched onto some historical trace to provide a local reference when the area was created.

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