Week 4. ‘People Memories’ during Lockdown #03

No. #01/04 Vik and mate – Waterloo May 2018

I’m rushing through the underground in Waterloo when Vik seems me with my camera and calls me over, inviting me to take his picture. Turns out they’re on their way to see Man Utd play at West Ham headed to the Jubilee line onwards to Stratford. Such is today’s tech that I’m able to share these pics with him instantly. It was a 1-1 draw by the way.

No. #02/04 Saroj Patel – The Other Art Fair, July 2019

I first met Saroj when I visited West Croydon in September 2018 where she was exhibiting her creative illustrations during a Croydon wide art festival. I caught up with her again at this art fair where she had been invited to showcase her work, this time with tactile materials with a distinctive style. See her work in Insta @saroj and twitter @Saroj_Patel

No. #03/04 Caffe Italiano – Barking, October 2018

The Caffe is inside the Vicarage Fields centre where I see a couple of gents playing chess through the window. I go inside where there’s a small gathering enjoying the sepctacle, and for the price of playing a game, I’m allowed to take their picture. I diplomatically lost the game.

No. #04/04 John – Watford Junction, June 2019

Meet John, a local Information Guide for Watford town centre. Resplendant in his green and grey and proud to promote the town. He’s a very cheerful chappy and as we chat we realise we have a shared passion in photography. He’s a former US professor in augmented reality, who has now settled in the UK and enjoys his role helping locals and visitors alike.

No. #05/04 Three Colts Lane – Liverpool Street, July 2019

Three Colts Lane is along the arches that runs under the mainline track from Bethnal Green into Liverpool Street station. I’d spent a little while exploring the area and the zigzaggy street furniture caught my eye as it complemented the door, balanced with the grey walls. I saw this young gent approaching the shot and I wanted to capture him as he walked through, and hence the slight blur.

No. #06/04 Tesco Driver – Beckton, September 2019

I’m standing on the pavement in the middle of the Sir Steve Redgrave Bridge doing a bit of plane spotting as they land from directly overhead into London City Airport closeby. There’s a small queue of traffic being held up at some roadworks further up the road and this Tesco delivery dirver winds his window down to have his picture taken. He’d moved on again before we had a chance to exchange any words.

No. #07/04 Wickenden’s Meat – Romford Market, December 2019

These two jovial gents are in the Wickendens Meat wagon at pitch no. 241 in Romford Market. Both are happy to be photographed, and as I start on their portraiture, they begin to move all the hung meet from the back of the wagon to the front. They sure know how to maximise the photo opportunity; and they were equally happy to share a joke too. Follow them on Facebook at wickenden.meats

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